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Welcome! This webpage, hosted by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah, describes some of the people, projects and activities of the Astro Group here at The U.


Our group is a new and growing team of observers and theorists. Our research expertise now includes cosmology, galactic and stellar astronomy, high energy physics and particle astrophysics, as well as planet formation and relativistic astrophysics. We have access to facilities such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Keck Observatory, and a 35,000-processor NASA supercomputer. Our University is a member of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey collaboration (SDSS III, including the APOGEE, SEGUE, and BOSS projects, as well as the upcoming SDSS-IV) and is part of the Veritas gamma-ray astronomy project.

Astronomy at the U

In addition to our research, we provide courses to help graduate and undergrad students come up to speed in cutting-edge research. Opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students abound! If you are a prospective graduate student please check out our grad program. If you are an undergraduate with an interest in astronomy, explore a minor in astronomy to open up your Universe.

We are...

Adam Bolton Strong lensing, galaxy formation
Ben Bromley Planet formation, galaxy dynamics
Joel Brownstein Gravitational lensing, dark matter, gravity, cosmology
Tabitha Buehler Active galactic nuclei
Kyle Dawson Astrophysical cosmology, large-scale structure
Paolo Gondolo Dark matter, cosmology
Inese Ivans Observational galactic archaeology, stellar populations
Dave Kieda Gamma-ray astronomy
Pearl SandickDark matter, cosmology, particle physics
Anil Seth Nuclear star clusters, massive black holes
Wayne Springer Particle astrophysics and gamma-ray astronomy
Zheng Zheng Cosmology, galaxy formation, theoretical astrophysics