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Astro Group: Undergraduate Program

The University of Utah offers both a minor and a Physics major with an astrophysics emphasis. Here are some resources if you are interested in learning some astronomy:

  • The Astrophysics and Astrophysics Emphasis requirements and Astronomy Minor requirements from the University General Catalog. The full list of Physics & Astronomy courses is given here.
  • The Undergraduate Handbook (click "Undergraduate Handbook" on this page) has both the degree requirements for the minor and astrophysics emphasis.
  • Note that PHYS/ASTR 3070 is the "gateway" course to our astronomy course offerings -- this is offered each fall; other courses may be offered only every two years. Please talk to us if you need help planning your major.

Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in getting involved in research, please take a look at our department's Undergraduate Research page for opportunities and ways that you can get involved!

Last Updated: 4/7/20